Introducing Underlying Swap Router and Zaps

We are excited to release the Underlying Swap Router feature that will enable users to swap and provide liquidity using underlying tokens (e.g. USDC and USDT). Bastion’s Stableswap pools differ from traditional pools in that they are autocompounding and yield-generating, utilizing cTokens and stacking lending pool liquidity. Previously, the UX of swapping and providing liquidity involved an additional step of depositing and withdrawing from the lending markets. Now, the protocol will automatically convert between underlying and cToken versions through one-click frontend interactions. Seamless!

cTokens shouldn’t be viewed as an invisible deposit receipt token sitting idle in user’s wallets. Through one-click zaps and easy UX, we want to change the way that yield-generating lending tokens are treated in DeFi.

Over the next few weeks, Bastion will list several new pools of stablecoins in partnership with cross-chain bridging protocols. This falls in line with a greater effort of positioning Bastion as the gateway for new users entering the Aurora ecosystem seeking to exchange stablecoins.

About Bastion

Bastion is a Lending and Stableswap protocol built on Aurora, NEAR’s EVM-compatible layer. The project innovates with novel features such as: isolated markets, interest rate swaps, increased receipt token utility, veTokens, gauges, and boosters. Building on Aurora enables Bastion to create an autonomous interest-rate engine with superior capital efficiency, low slippage swaps, fast transactions, ultra-low fees, precise liquidations, and harness the underlying UX benefits of NEAR.

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DISCLAIMER: This article does not constitute investment advice. Bastion Protocol Token (BSTN) is a means by which users may utilize and govern the protocol. Bastion does not recommend purchasing BSTN for speculative investment purposes. BSTN tokens may lose value or have no value and may have no market. Please read the full disclaimers here.



Lending evolved.

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