Arctic Partners with Bastion as Launch Partner and Core DAO Member

2 min readAug 23, 2022


Arctic Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with Arctic, the next-generation DEX landing on Aurora.

Solidly, but better.

Arctic includes an innovative Discretized Liquidity AMM (DLAMM) upgraded veNFT and governance designs.

The Bastion Treasury will receive an allocation of Arctic tokens to participate in governance and support the ecosystem growth of Aurora. With the common veToken roadmap of both projects, we are looking forward to future tokenomics partnerships that will help tie the ecosystem closer together.

To read more about Arctic please visit this article.

About Arctic

Arctic is leading the next chapter of Aurora’s development by launching a next-generation ecosystem-DEX, which is designed to bring Aurora projects together, provide deeper liquidity, and maximize capital efficiency 3500x higher than the normal AMM model.

About Bastion

Bastion is a Lending and Stableswap protocol built on Aurora, NEAR’s EVM-compatible layer. The project innovates with novel features such as: isolated markets, interest rate swaps, increased receipt token utility, veTokens, gauges, and boosters. Building on Aurora enables Bastion to create an autonomous interest-rate engine with superior capital efficiency, low slippage swaps, fast transactions, ultra-low fees, precise liquidations, and harness the underlying UX benefits of NEAR.

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