Bastion Protocol

An Achievement NFT Collection for the strongest Bastions

Trophy Case

The Trophy Case will be the home for all of our Achievement NFTs, designed to reward and recognize the most loyal Bastions.

Users who received the OG NFT will shortly receive a revamped Statue version. The mighty Bastions who HODLed all their BSTN have proven their worth for the tradable, exclusive Diamond Head.

Staking BSTN and providing liquidity on the Trisolaris BSTN pair did not disqualify users from the Diamond Statue. Users who held onto their airdropped/lockdropped BSTN without buying additional BSTN were also eligible.

This is our first step towards gamifying the Bastion user experience and making finance more accessible and easy for users. We will be adding more Achievement NFTs to be earned in the Trophy Case and maybe even some utility!